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Kids Parties

Super Fun 1.5 hr party (1 party activity)

Classic 2HR Party (2 party activities)

3 HR Birthday Spectacular (3 party activities)


Ultimate Party Package

BYOB Blowout

The Elite Extravaganza

Party Activities at The Factory

Nerf Battle

Warrior Ninja Gym Obstacle Course

The Clubhouse (game room)

Basketball Court games

All Kid Parties Include:

10 guests plus guest of honor

45-60 minutes in each activity

30 minutes in Private Party Room

Special Gift for Guest of honor

Pizza Ordering Optional

Juice/Water for the kids

Plates/Plastic Forks/Napkins

We Setup and Clean Up

One Adult Guest per Child

Party Add ons:

Clubhouse as your Party Room - $200

Extra Child Guest - $15/kid

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3 Hour Birthday Spectacular

Host a dream kids birthday party by choosing three party activities (Nerf Battle, ninja warrior, game room or sports games). Relax with adult parents & friends while the kids go crazy having the time of their lives. Having The Clubhouse as the party room for the final 1.5+ hrs of the party is an available option.



Choose your own adventure by picking two party activities (options: ninja warrior obstacle course, The Clubhouse game lounge, Nerf Battle or sports games). The party host will lead the kids in the games and activities of your choosing. Sports game options include basketball, dodgeball, soccer, wiffle ball, kickball and many others. Having The Clubhouse as the party room for the final 1.5+ hrs of the party is an available option.


CLASSIC 2HR PARTY: Nerf Battle Party

The Nerf Battle Party package includes a fun Nerf Battle coordinated by your party host along with another activity of your choice (ninja warrior, sports games or the game lounge). We supply the Nerf guns, ammo & eye protection and place the kids on teams to play capture the flag.


Super Fun Sports Party

Super Fun Ninja Party

1.5 hr Party

The Super Fun Parties includes 60 minutes of sports games or ninja warrior course. The sports games feature dozens of game options including basketball, dodgeball, Bipball, handball, soccer, kickball, wiffle ball and many other. Our experienced party hosts will lead the kids for 60 minutes of fun before heading to the party room for 30 minutes.


Weekday Warrior Party

1.5 hr Party

The #1 birthday party value on town. Kids will play on the ninja warrior course for 30 minutes and the game room for 30 minutes before spending the final 30 minutes of the party room for food and cake. You won't find a party with this much fun at this price.

Available Monday - Thursday

Party Times:

4-5:30 / 5:30-7:00 / 7-8:30

Paid in Full at Booking


Call or Text

(754) 444-6637


3 hr party

Up to 30 kids & 30 adults

Food: 8 pizzas & 50 Chicken Fingers

Drinks: water & juice or lemonade

3 hrs in The Clubhouse

Choose all party activities if you'd like for the kids

Party Host

Ultimate Party Package

We call it ULTIMATE for a reason. Our favorite party extravaganza can be a kid or adult party guaranteed to be a blast for everyone. Entertain the adults while the kids participate in Call to customize the party today.


BYOB Blowout

The BYOB Blowout is perfect for all special occasions at a price point to all budgets. We also customize evening parties so call us to speak with a party planner today.

3 hr party (available 6-9:00)

Up to 60 people (30 kids max)*

3 hrs in The Clubhouse

2 hr basketball courts

*the package includes 60 people and up to 30 are allowed to be children. Each additional child over 30 is $20/kid and each additional person over the 60 total is $20/person.


The Elite Extravaganza

The Elite Extravaganza is designed to be the most unique kids birthday party in the country full of incredible excitement that is unmatched. Your group will be the only ones in the facility for the 3 hours of the party. Food can be your choice of delivery, catered or food trucks. You will have two party hosts that will be in charge of the kids during the party. Entertain adult friends and parents in the Clubhouse. You won't be disappointed.

*complete access to the facility

*up to 150 people


Make Their Birthday Unforgettable: Experience the Magic at One of the Leading Kids Birthday Party Places in the Philadelphia Area.

We specialize in thrilling parties for kids and we GUARANTEE that booking a party is the easiest you've every done or we will discount the party package cost by $50. Just tell us after you've completed the booking.

Are you looking for an amazingly fun kids birthday party place near me?

Our #1 birthday party goal is that the kids and adults have an amazing time during the party.

Our #2 goal is that the booking & birthday party experience is incredibly easy for you. We setup and clean up the party so you can enjoy yourself & the joy of your child with friends. 

Call or text our birthday party planners at (754) 444-6637 to create a party experience the birthday child and friends will love and remember forever. 

The Clubhouse

What is Elite Sports Factory? It's a unique 30,000 sq ft sports themed kids birthday venue in Philadelphia will help create a wonderful birthday memory for your child and friends. At Elite Sports Factory, we will create a one-of-a kind party with GuaranteedWOW.

We make sure to put a smile on the kids' faces so there will be a smile on yours.

Each party package is designed to make everything easy for you. All standard packages include water and juice boxes for the kids along with paper plates, plastic forks & napkins. We place a colorful table cloth on the tables. You're welcome to bring food but we also offer a pizza option where we will order pizza for you with no upcharge and we add the receipt price to the final party balance. If you bring a birthday cake, we have cake cutters on site. 

All kids Philadelphia birthday party packages include a host who will be in charge of the kids for the duration of the party to ensure they have a great time and will allow you to relax with friends if you choose.

Call or Text (754) 444-6637

to book a party

The Nerf Battle Party is fun for kids of all ages. We have everything needed for an epic Nerf war (Nerf guns, thousands of dart "bullets" and eye protection). It's great for those who love Nerf wars and also for those who love paintball parties and laser tag parties. If you're looking for an exciting and unforgettable kids birthday party experience near me, look no further than our Nerf Wars party venue in the Philadelphia area. Our sports facility features the Philadelphia area’s most fun Nerf Battle Arena. Host a party that your child and their friends will talk about for years to come. Our indoor Nerf arena is equipped with a wide selection of Nerf guns, providing kids with the opportunity to engage in a variety of different battle scenarios.

The indoor Nerf Battle Arena is designed to be safe and fun, allowing kids to run, jump, and hide behind obstacles as they compete against each other. Our experienced staff members will be on hand to guide the kids through the rules and regulations of the game, ensuring that everyone has a fun and fair experience. We also provide all the necessary equipment, including eye protection and darts, so you don't have to worry about a thing. A Nerf Battle party is an amazing option for any kid's birthday party in the Philadelphia area. Book your party with us today and give your child a fun-filled day they'll never forget.

The Clubhouse at Elite Sports Factory is a unique game lounge featuring 10 tvs (all attached to a video game system, ping pong table, air hockey tables and a foosball table. The 1800 sq ft space is available as a birthday party activity or the option is available to use it as the party room (where the kids will do food and cake). The Clubhouse is like an awesome indoor game truck video game party with the advantage of being climate controlled and a huge room with more tvs. 

The Choose Your Own Adventure Party allows you to customize a party with time for fun games on a basketball court as one activity and the second party activity is your choice of the ninja warrior obstacle course (Warrior Ninja Gym) or playing games in the Clubhouse (game room). The birthday packages are designed for children of all ages, but we specialize in ages 4-14.

If you are looking to host a birthday party in the Philadelphia area, call us at 754-444-6637 to schedule one of our unique and incredibly fun birthday parties. Elite Sports Factory is located in the Manayunk/Roxborough area of the city conveniently located minutes from the Schuylkill Expressway. The facility is located near Lower Merion, the Main Line, Lafayette Hills, Conshohocken, Plymouth Meeting, Montgomery County, Chestnut Hill, East Falls, Germantown, Mt Airy, Northeast Philly, and Center City Philadelphia.

Elite Sports Party Activities

Elite Sports Party Activities

Nerf Battle

Warrior Ninja Gym Obstacle Course

The Clubhouse (game lounge)

Basketball Court games

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in birthday party packages?

The party package includes:

Water and juice boxes for the kids

Paper plates, plastic forks and paper napkins

A party host who will be in charge of the kids for the duration of the party

Colorful tablecloths on the tables

Can we bring food?

Yes, you can bring any food that you’d like and if you bring a cake, we have cake cutters.

Do you provide decorations?

We’ll have “happy birthday” on a screen in the party room and we’ll have colorful tablecloths on the table but we don’t have balloons or decorations. You are welcome to bring decorations or themed party plates, etc

When can we arrive for the party?

You can arrive early to beat your guests so 10-15 minutes early is fine.

How long will we have access to the party room?

Unless otherwise coordinated with one of our party planners, each party is schedule to have access to the party room for the final 30 minutes of the party. However, we try to get each party longer than 30 minutes in the party room when possible. Each party will have access to a party table and area before being allowed into the party room so any party items can be stored.

If you have chosen the option to use the Clubhouse as the party room, our parties are scheduled back to back so there will likely be a party leaving the Clubhouse right before you. We’ll need about 5-10 minutes to finish cleaning the room and preparing it for your party. The kids will start their first activity and we’ll get you into the party room as soon as possible. You’ll have plenty of time to set up the room by the time the kids get in there.

When should we let you know the pizza order?

We’ll order the pizza when you arrive for the party. The manager on duty will greet you and one of the questions he or she will ask is if you’d like for us to order pizza. Just provide the order then.


All party guests must sign a waiver. The waiver can be found at this link.


Do you have to create an account to sign the waiver?

Yes, our software management system uses this to help verify the identity of a person.

Do you charge for adults?

You may see on our advertising about an “extra adult” charge but we allow a 1:1 ratio of kids to adults (not including you and your family) and we’ve never charged a party for extra adults. The policy is only in place for an extreme situation where someone decided to turn a kids party into an adult party. We created the policy after a party had 12 kids and 38 adults. I’m sure you’ll simply have parents who want to stay with their kids and we are fine with that.

Deposit and Cancellation policy

The deposit is refundable for the first 48 hours. We will reschedule all parties with requests made prior to 48 hours before the schedule party

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